Changing the context

When we start working on the digitized images we consider how to change the context. We want the images to hang from walls and we want them (not all the time, but mostly!) in MEGA sizes so the amazing details are in focus.

We work a lot with the old imagery but always with respect. We always keep the distinct part of the original designs, hence enhancing the image so it looks both brand new and old at the same time. Because most of the imagery dates more hundreds year back we can't say exactly how the original colours looked. But we try to improve them and make them look like what we believe the original images looked like back in days.

Our combination of the old and new creates a line of products reminding us of something classic and cosy yet hip. Even though more of our collections have a more tropical atmosphere than we have here in Scandinavia our designs have become a part of the new Nordic trend including the right amount of hygge.