Iconic Plants

Feel like you’re missing a splash of life and green nostalgia in your home? Look no further than the Iconic Plants Collection! There’s no need to worry about whether your fingers are green enough to be able to take care of the various lovely plants – we guarantee a long life for your plant poster.

The plant prints all have a captivating vintage look, subtle greenish shades and natural, but highly aesthetic shapes. Some of the plant posters from the collection also have beautiful, delicate little flowers that add a feminine and poetic vibe to your home and are sure to provide a lovely nostalgic feel. 

Characteristic for this botanical collection of iconic plant prints is the simple lines of the elegant ferns. This makes the prints little pieces of artwork and exquisite adornments in themselves, while giving your walls a natural, botanical touch. The original plant images date back to the 18th century and have all been digitally restored to their former glory – with respect and admiration for the original vintage look and feel. 

Pick your favourite plants and flowers from this vintage botanical collection - with impressive leaves of all shapes and sizes, delicate flowers in all colours and decorative roots and herbs that will brighten up whatever room you may choose to adorn with a little splash of botanical vegetation.