Mini Prints

What started out as just a few mini prints has turned into hundreds of different little ready-framed posters in the two compact sizes 17x23 cm and 17x17 cm. In our ever-growing mini print collection you will find small versions of many of our well-known and popular collections such as Cacti, Eggs & Birds, Fishes, Algae, Birds of America, Fungi, Insects and many more.

Small posters in mini size are the perfect addition to any existing gallery wall – you can mix and match several small prints or combine them with larger-sized posters for a unique and personal art wall. If you already have a favourite collection, you can go all in and create your very own themed gallery wall with designs from that collection in various sizes, that way creating for instance an entire aquarium of large and small fishes. Or maybe you want a tickling collection of colourful crawling mini insects or a blooming garden of small botanical posters?  

Our selection of mini prints also holds half fishes and half animals. These you can combine in countless ways, allowing your creative imagination to run wild and perhaps that way creating brand new mixed species – a joy for animal lovers of all ages!

No matter if you go with one or a mix of collections, the mini prints are a great way to instantly add life to the walls of your home. The mini prints are delivered framed and are available with white, black and oak frames.