Children's Room Posters

A collection of fun-loving animal and botanical posters for the children's room

Fluttery Delights

Magnificent butterflies in purple hues

Fishy Mini Prints

Gorgeous blue fish that almost looks like it´s made of velvet

Re-imagining visual gold long forgotten. We want to bring back life to old imageries found in rare books and hidden for decades in galleries, archives, libraries and museums.

Avocado mini Avocado Mandarine mini Mandarine Grapefruit mini

Brand new

Avocado and friends

We all love these fruits, right?

Shop Avocado Shop Grapefruit
Ananas Citronier Papaya Bigarrade Pistachier

Mouth watering prints

Kitchen Posters

Draw inspiration for your cooking and decorate your kitchen with delectable posters and prints.

Livistona Humilis ASTROCARYUM vulgare COCOS nueifare Jungle Scenery Ficus Blooming White Magnolia

Brand new

Botanical Prints

Welcome to perhaps the worlds largest collection of botanical, tropical, and absolutely green posters printed with amazing colours by us in our studio.


MEGA Jungle Scenery

An extraordinary journey into the wild

MEGA Encyclopedia print

Marvelous natural history flashlights

MEGA Astrocaryum

Magnificent exotic beauty for your walls
American Flamingo Roseate Spoonbill Great Blue Heron American White Pelican Wood Ibis

amazing feathers

Birds of America

Enjoy the drawings by John James Audubon printed with Japanese archival ink. 

Parrots Horizontal Rhynchotus #5703 Insectum #5414 Camels and Chameleons Animalia

Wild and wonderful

Animal Prints

We have tigers, elephants, and a great variety of bugs. Actually most of the worlds fauna!

Fishes Half Fish. Print #SQ039 The Fishes Fishes. Print #MS033 Half Fish. Print #SQ040


The Fish Prints

No need for a big aquarium or remembering to feed the fish. With this colourful collection there is something for every fish-loving home.


Birds of America

Thrill your walls with a stunning John James Audubon print

Snowy Heron

A gorgeous fishing-bird for your wall

Roseate Spoonbill

You'd think this creature just walked out of Alice in Wonderland
Animalia Alsophila Whales and Desert Foxes Half Fish. Print #SQ040 Fishes. Print #MS034

Playful prints

Children's Room Posters

A selection of fun, humorous and decorative posters and prints for the playroom!

Jungle Scenery Grenadier Roseate Spoonbill Nepenthaceae ASTROCARYUM Murumurú

Ready to go extra large?

Amazing MEGA Prints

Discover an awe-inspiring selection of posters in our very special MEGA size.


we are

The Small Ones

Our growing collection of framed mini prints are a perfect add-on to any wall any where. Mix and match as you like!


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Prints with history

At The Dybdahl Co., we are heritage adventurers. We find material and inspiration from prints in rare books and hidden galleries, archives, libraries and museums. We have collections from known and unknown artists and biologists, but common for them all: They all have a vintage, poetic look and a modern, Scandinavian touch.  

Botanical and animal prints

Trends come and go, but some things never go out of style – like Flora and Fauna. These natural wonders will forever be sources of inspiration, and we have chosen to cherish them by adding them to our designs. If you are looking to add a bit of nature to your home, browse through our wide selection of animal and botanical prints. From the animal universe, we offer everything from crawling insects, mysterious algae, fascinating lizards and impressive habitants of the savannah to beautiful birds, delicate butterflies and colourful fish. Our botanical prints and posters include picturesque palm trees, delicate mushrooms and fungi, verdant green leaves and exotic flowers. Our botanical and animal prints are the perfect way to add a bit of wildlife to your walls, while giving them a vintage feel and creating a tropical garden vibe in your home.

An educational poster wall

Our prints are decorative and educational at the same time. You can learn about the animal anatomy, explore the insect species in detail or get lost in the exotic posters of African, Arctic and Oriental animals in their natural habitats. Learn more about the different kinds of fungi, flowers, fruits and trees, and let yourself get drawn into a world of Flora and Fauna even more fascinating than you would have ever imagined. Or dig into our selection of original advertising posters from the 30s and 40s USA, restored vintage photographs and old city maps - all ideal for giving that vintage vibe while maintaining the historical and educational element.

Join us on the adventure, and explore our wide selection of visual gold!