Natures Art Form

Surrender yourself to the fascinating world of nature seen through the eyes of the highly renowned Prof. Dr. Ernst Haeckel. Ernst Haeckel was a German-born biologist and artist, who explored biology and its relation to art. We have chosen to tribute him with our “Natures Art Form” collection.

In the works of Ernst Haeckel, science and nature are combined into a colourful symbiosis. Haeckel explored the geometric shapes and natural forms of nature and captured them with extreme precision and delicacy in his prints. The posters of “Natures Art Form” show the fascinatingly subtle evolutionary changes in the depicted species, proving not only Ernst Haeckel’s fascination with the meeting between science and nature, but also showing his keen eye for conveying the beauty in all living things.

The collection holds colourful prints, showing a multitude of unusual, diverse life forms. Dive into Haeckel’s world of incipient microscopic organisms such as jellyfishes, starfishes, calcareous sponges, corals and barnacles; of mosses, algae, fungi, feathers and orchids; and of hummingbirds, octopuses, insects and butterflies. Let these beautiful nature prints decorate your walls, while allowing your fascination with Haeckel, evolution and with the diversity of species to grow from the beauty of the posters.