Botanical art posters, vintage posters, animal posters and more! This frame collection features our most popular wood frames: oak, black and white. Perfect for all posters, these simple, economical solid wood frames let your art take center stage.

These versatile wood frames serves well in any home décor. Whether you’re looking for a natural looking oak frame, a basic black or white frame or a dash of gilded elegance with our artistic looking magnetic frame, you’ll find it here. Our wide selection of wood frames are built from solid wood and organized into frame collections to make finding what you need easy. 

Our wood frames are available in the same sizes as our prints and comes with either regular glass or styrene glass (plexi glass). Our smaller size wood frames (15x15 cm, 15x21 cm and 30x40 cm) comes with the regular glass. Our smaller size wooden frames (50x70 cm, 70x100 cm and 112x158 cm) comes with the styrene glass for your own safety. If you would like for your print to hang free without a glass covering surface we have a magnetic oak frame available in all the above mentioned sizes too.

We also offer aluminium frames in black or white for a slim and elegant look. Though this frame only comes in our MEGA size (112x158 cm) to provide a more clean look to your MEGA size print.