Eskimo Mask, Western Alaska
Eskimo Mask, Western Alaska

Eskimo Mask, Western Alaska

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"The Eskimos were dependent on nature's powers and forces, and for the hunter this was important to maintain good relations to the animal souls. The shaman gave explanations regarding failure and disease, and sought to evoke the life-enhancing and ward off everything life-threatening.

With magical amulets the Eskimos sought to ensure both health, luck and to discourage all kinds of accident. Magic was often expressed through symbols and ornamentation of everyday utilitarian objects"

This and much more is described by the National Museum on their site Eskimos and Greenland - which you can read right here 

The poster originates from the large-scale employment project Works Progress Administration, whom during the Depression in the United States, created jobs for nearly 8 million people in the period 1935-43. Besides being behind public construction projects. The WPA also created great art and culture projects, from where I have discovered some very interesting visual material.

I have improved the reproduction as I usually do. However, only ever so slightly. Partly to make the format suitable for the current frame dimensions and so marks, holes and dirty fingerprints no longer hamper the quite beautiful motif. Additionally, also to make the colors shine more like they did back during the depression in the US. 

Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper in own workshop outside Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The print will be delivered protectively packed in a cardboard tube. No frame is included.

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