Red-tailed Comet Hummingbird (Sappho Sparganurus/Oiseau-Mouche Sapho). Mini Print


Beautiful medium-sized hummingbird with green, red, and pink feathers belonging to the family Trochilidae. It is the only species placed in the genus Sappho.

A hummingbird can't walk or hop, but can shuffle with its extremely short legs, which are not very strong.

They are the only bird species that can hover, fly backwards, or even upside down. The ability to hover allows the hummingbirds to sip the nectar of plants and flowers.

For an impressive look on your wall, we recommend that you put more mini prints together and do not shy away from mixing birds with plants.

All our mini prints come ready-framed.

Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper in our own studio in rural Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Print size 15x21 cm. With frame it measures 17x23 cm. 

Design no. RC037

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