Kings New Sq. with Royal Theatre


Scenes from the beautiful city of Copenhagen in Denmark. 

The centre of this scene is the well-known, Kongens Nytorv, known in English as King's New Square in the old part of Copenhagen. It is the largest square in the city and was commissioned by the Danish King, Christian V in 1670 in connection with a major extension of the city. A statue of him on his horse is placed in the centre of the square. 

The Danish Royal Theatre is also in view and is as beautiful now as it was then. The theatre was founded in 1748, first serving as the theatre of the king, and later the theatre of the country. 

This print comes from the late 1800's. We have adjusted colours and contrasts and removed some scratches and marks. The beautiful gradient is a result of the original colouring process.  

Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper in our own studio in rural Copenhagen, Denmark.

Design no. 7105

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