Plant Posters from Plantae Collection

Adorn your walls with one or more of our many botanical plant posters from the Plantae Collection. Our collection holds various different prints with plants, flowers and fruits – there is something for every taste!

The collection holds some of our very bestselling prints and for good reason. Are you into floral prints? Look no further than our popular magnolia print, which never ceases to amaze us with its beautiful white petals and timeless feminine beauty. Or take a look at some of our other botanical prints with delicate flowers and lush leaves that will add a nostalgic garden feel to your home.

We also have something for all fruit-lovers with a sore spot for vintage vibe fruit prints. Explore everything from pineapples and papayas to figs and bananas. With our banana palm print you even get the best of both worlds with both fruity and exotic jungle elements. What’s not to love?

Give your kitchen an instant upgrade and decorate with the nostalgic plant prints and mouthwatering ripe fruits that will make you want to explore the diverse world of decorative fruits and plants. Enjoy!