Summer 2015 I did a 120 squaremeter black/white mash-up at Kings Square just opposite to Hotel d'Angleterre. It is an interpretation of the history involving this very central place in Copenhagen and the hotel taking an active part in the city life. On display until April 2016. A collaboration with colleague Phuc Van Dang. 

August 2015 I did the project House(pop). It is a 25 meter bright coloured interpretation of the buildings in the part of Copenhagen called Vesterbro. On display until August 2016 at Soender Boulevard, Copenhagen. The project is done together with colleague Julie Lützen in our Studio Pobard collaboration. 

During 2015 I did two different monster projects alongside kids of Copenhagen. During the first project the kids were told to draw monsters freely, using only their imagination. Afterwards colleague Bert Hagen and I took the drawings back to the studio and upscaled the sketches, cut them out and painted them. The kids were really happy with the results. The second project was a weekend project helping out the kids doing large scale monsters themselves. We were only assistents to the kids.

Summer 2015 I participated in an all day event called Copenhagen Art Run. My contribution was a number of larger local historic photos mounted on wooden plates. I wanted to go back in time showcasing people born in the area (and still living there now with their own children) and placed in todays natural environment. 

August 2014 I did the project Wave(pop). It was a 28 meter bright coloured comment to the urban traffic and street life in the part of Copenhagen called Vesterbro. Was on display until August 2015 at Soender Boulevard, Copenhagen. The project was in collaboration with colleague Julie Lützen at our Studio Pobard collaboration. 

In 2010 I did my first large scale project. It was a 63 (!) meter long visual history showing mug shots and censored photos from the Danish police archives. The original collection is kept at the Danish National Archives and I put up the 1 meter high reproductions on a large fence just outside of the archive building. It was on display for around a year and also available as ebook here. (The graffiti was done during the year the project was presented on the fence. Personally I consider this to be an interesting comment from contemporary vandals to the historical mug shots).